Meet Luda Bryant

My name is Luda and I am the owner of the Estate Planning Paralegal & Non-Lawyer Services, LLC. I was born in the country of Ukraine, in a small town called Chernivtsi, which is famous for its rich Austrian architecture, cobble-stoned roads, blue skies and golden fields of wheat.

I studied law in Ukraine, obtained a Bachelor of Law Degree and graduated with honors. Upon moving to the United States, I worked as a real estate agent and later on completed the Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies at the Indian River State College and graduated with high honors. Because of my upbringing, I am also fluent in Russian and Ukrainian Languages.

Throughout my career, I worked at the different law offices as an estate planning paralegal and with years I gained experience and expertise in the preparation of complex estate planning documents including various trusts. I manage Probate and Trust Administration cases. Prepare and e-filed pleadings and perform all the duties necessary to distribute assets to beneficiaries and close the estate. I am skilled in preparing a wide variety of Real Estate Deeds – Warranty, Quitclaim Deeds and Lady Bird Deeds, and such. Also, I handle business formations and dissolutions, as well.

With the combination of education and experience, I believe I could provide five-star service and bring the best value to my clients. I am looking forward to working and helping you with your estate planning needs.